Stainless Steel Grade Fastners
Special in Stainless Steel
Our Parent Company
BUFAB Sweden

Slotted Cylindrical Screws, Pan Headed Screws, Torx Headed Screws, Wooden Screws, Cotter Pins, Manufacturer, Exporter, India, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

           About Bufab
Bufab is a strong brand which stands for quality, service and assortment. A leading Manufacturers and distributrors of quality Assured Stainless Steel Grade Fastners And High Alloyed Fastners with cost Effective purchasing and in house production, providing the best quality to our customers is our prime goal.
We rise above the expectations of our demanding customers in several diffrent industrial segments. We cater to customer segments in power, engineering, furniuture, chemical, pharmaceutical, defence, electronics and telecom.
Slotted Cylindrical Screws
  • Established 1977
  • Turnover approx. MEuro 240
  • Approx. 700 employees
  • Focus on end user sales
  • A leading fastener and small parts supplier in Europe
Our owner Nordic Capital
  • Private equity firm established 1990
  • Acquired Bufab 2005
  • Focusing on medium sized and large companies in mature industries
Pan Headed Screws

BUFAB has a strong position in Europe and the rest of the world. We constantly strive to stay one step ahead in development. Our entire staff is dedicated to the pursuit of quality. They also play an active role in development, which promotes involvement at a personal level.

           Why Bufab

• One corporate contract
    • Consolidated Volumes leads to price advantages
• A defined Global Key Acount organisation
    • One dedicated " speaking partner "
• Bufab is operating ONE Transparent ERP-system
    • Enabling Standardisation of projects
• One Consolidated quality level
    • Same quality level regardless of point of supply
• Logistics
    • Cost efficient shipping via Bufabs Trans-Europe flat rate system

           Flow Chart